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Auto Dealer Program

We are specialists in the insurance needs for auto dealers!  Your coverage is unique, so don't trust your coverage to anybody but the experts at The Insurance Market!

Auto Dealers

Why is the insurance for Auto Dealers different than other businesses?

Most business insurance policies are separated by the type of risk being insured.  For example, General Liability and Auto insurance are separate policies because it is pretty obvious where the line is drawn when a loss happens.


But Auto Dealers (and auto repair facilities) are different.  You face a risk of loss from several places, for example:

  • A prospective customer slips and falls on your parking lot or in your building.

  • Your employee is driving a dealer-owned car to the gas station and hits a pedestrian.

  • You, the owner, are driving a dealer-owned vehicle on vacation and cause an accident.

  • A prospective client test drives a dealer-owned car and causes an accident.

  • Someone takes a dealer-owned car for a "permanent" test drive (i.e. steals your car).

  • A hail storm hits your lot and causes significant damage to your inventory.

  • An employee makes a mistake on the bill of sale and the buyer sues the dealership.

  • You take a client's car in to repair, and it is stolen overnight.

  • You take a client's car in to repair, and while driving it, your mechanic causes a wreck.

Most insurance agents do not understand the unique risks faced by Auto Dealers.  But the Auto Dealer policies from The Insurance Market combine these exposures into a customized insurance program for your dealership!

Based on your circumstances, we will recommend coverage from the top companies.!  By shopping your insurance for you, we can save you time and money.

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