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Group Health Insurance

One of the most important benefits that any sized employer can do is offer health benefits for your employees.  Most employees are looking for that, so you are missing out on the best employees if you don't offer high-quality, affordable group health insurance.  But many small businesses think they can't afford to offer group health plans.  Small companies lose out on great employees because they think they can't offer big-company benefits.  But we are here to help with that!

At The Insurance Market, we understand that the best plans on the market are group plans.  Most agencies don't want to work with small companies...but we like working with smaller groups, even as small as 2 people.  This can even be a husband and wife who co-own the business!  We offer plans from two people all the way up to hundreds of people.  Let us help you get the best health insurance possible!

Plans We Offer

At The Insurance Market, we offer the highest-quality companies available in the industry to help you find the best health plan available.  We offer both fully-insured and self-funded plans. 


Our companies include:

  • United HealthCare

  • Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield

  • Kansas City Blue Cross / Blue Shield

  • Allstate Benefits

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Humana

  • Benefit Plan Administrators (BPA)

  • AmWINS Administrators

  • Hawaii-Mainland Administrators (HMA)

  • Chubb

  • Beazley

  • Swiss Re

  • Several others!

Want to get a jump-start on a quote?

913-722-2111 (KC)       573-817-3455 (Central MO)

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